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Members of an interim legislative committee were flabbergasted recently when they took indian casino field trip to Kansas City, Kan. They were even more surprised to learn that the tribe also owned imdian in the Wichita suburb of Park City and had taken the first step toward establishing a casino there. We couldn't believe they were just going ahead with things," said Rep.

We were all very upset. There are several Indian-operated casinos in northeast Kansas, but none within easy driving distance of Wichita, the state's largest city. The Wyandotte Tribe is one of many Indian nations searching for land in the state to put into trust and use as the site for a casino.

Department of the Interior backed away from atlantic city nj casino the request after the state sued, claiming the tribe didn't own any land in Miami County. However, the Interior Department encouraged the tribe to try again, and it is drlaware the Miami will make another attempt to gain jurisdiction over the property.

Tribal officials say cawino won't know until this fall whether they want to acquire land and build a casino, hotel, convention center and museum there. Bill Graves' chief velaware, said she receives an average of one inquiry per quarter from some tribe about opening a casino in Kansas. Haag said a representative of a hotel in Arkansas City called her more than a year ago wanting to know whether Graves supported casino gambling. He was calling on behalf of a tribe located near the Oklahoma-Kansas line that was interested in setting up a gaming operation.

Haag said she received an inquiry about possibly locating a casino in Council Grove and also received an application for a state-tribal compact form from the Indian casino Cherokee Indian Nation in Ridgecrest, Dellaware. She casink that after checking, she learned the tribe wasn't federally recognized, and after going over old treaties, she found it had no past connection with Kansas.

There are a couple of reasons why so many out-of-state tribes are contacting Kansas about the possibility indian casino setting up casinos in the state. One is the number of Indian tribes that passed through Kansas during the forced migration from their home territories. Information provided to the state-tribal affairs committee caino that 19 tribes had reservations in the state innear the high-water mark for Indian tribes in the state.

Legal barriers to gaming delaware Oklahoma caino make Kansas attractive to tribes eager to enter the lucrative casino business. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of requires delaware indian casino a state have casino-type gaming available to all its citizens before Indian tribes can establish casinos in those states.

Kansas meets that requirement because of its state lottery, which the Kansas Supreme Court has said meets the criteria set forth in the law. Graves has consistently said no to casino requests from non-Kansas Indian tribes, taking the position that only the four in-state tribes should be indiann to operate casinos here.

But that hasn't deterred the Oklahoma-based Wyandotte Tribe from going ahead with casino plans in downtown Kansas City, Kan. The tribe already held the Huron Cemetery in trust. So, it bought a downtown building next to the cemetery and persuaded the Interior Department to also put it in trust for the tribe.

The state sued the Wyandotte to bar them from establishing a casino in Wyandotte County, but a federal district court ruled in favor of the tribe. That case is presently on appeal with the 10th U. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. Leaford Bearskin, chief of the Wyandotte, said the dslaware is going ahead with work on its casino because it believes it has the legal authority to do so and that the state is wrong.

He admitted the tribe would rather establish its casino at the Woodlands racetrack in western Wyandotte County, but the tribe hasn't been delawae to purchase the property. He said the Wyandotte tried in to put its Park City property in trust, "but the Bureau of Indkan Affairs lost the application, and we haven't followed up on it. Bearskin didn't provide a definitive answer when asked if delaawre tribe planned delawzre make another attempt to capture the land near Wichita.

Haag said she has made it clear to the Delaware Tribe that Kansas doesn't want an out-of-state tribe setting up a casino in Lawrence. But the tribe has casuno to look at possible sites for a casino complex and reportedly has found two owners of delawxre 80 acres near the the city's airport who might be willing to sell the property to them.

Gary Roulston, editor of the Delaware Indian News newspaper, said the tribe "would not go anywhere where delaware indian casino not wanted. Powell said the Legislature definitely won't approve any gaming compacts with out-of-state tribes, but he said the Clinton administration has tried for several years to implement regulations that would enable the secretary of the interior vasino unilaterally license tribes to operate casinos.

Despite opposition from Gov. Player or dealer casino, out-of-state tribes still calling. Sunday, August 27,

At the end of , Delaware was one of 23 states with commercial casinos, not counting Indian casinos. In , the first year that the. Delaware Indian casino guide to Indian gaming, casino resorts, hotels, dining, maps, and driving directions. Pursuant to the Delaware Nation Election Ordinance and Constitution, a call for election will be issued within ten days of the date of the Executive Committee.